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[IVPF Nominating Committee] Call for Additional Committee Members

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  • Cindy Paris
    IVPF Research It only takes a moment to diagnose life... Hello! This is an all Foundation call for volunteers for the IVPF Nominating Committee. We need
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2006
      IVPF Research
      International Vasa Previa Foundation, Inc.

      It only takes a moment to diagnose life...


      This is an all Foundation call for volunteers for the IVPF Nominating Committee.  We need additional members in this committee! 

      Committee members nominate (and accept nominations from other IVPF members) for various IVPF positions.  The regular meeting schedule is once or twice a year, usually in the early fall when nominations for IVPF Directors are made.  Additional meetings may be necessary during other times of the year if other IVPF positions need to be filled.  Meetings take place online in an IVPF chat room.

      It doesn't matter where you live, we need you!  What does matter is that you are a participating (voting) member of the IVPF.  If you are not already a participating member of the IVPF, please request membership at http://IVPF.org/contact/member.htm.  Membership is free, but is required to work in IVPF committees and to vote on important IVPF issues.  If you would like to volunteer in this capacity, please reply to Cindy.Paris@... or to info@....

      Thank you for your interest in the International Vasa Previa Foundation!  Our efforts are paying off.  Awareness is growing.  Many more women are being prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa.  Doctors are more often referring their patients to us for information and are themselves contacting us for information and educational opportunities for their staff.  And our records show a 20% increase in the infant survival rate from this devastating condition.  You support and efforts are making a difference!  Please consider volunteering for the Nominating Committee.  With your help we fully intend to eliminate infant death from vasa previa.  It only takes a moment to diagnose life...

      Kindest regards,

      Cindy Paris, Secretary and Nominating Committee Chairperson
      International Vasa Previa Foundation

      Risk Factors, Testing, and IVPF Management Recommendations for Vasa Previa:

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      Medical Resources on Vasa Previa

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      Frequently asked questions about vasa previa:

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      Save babies from an untimely death due to vasa previa by JOINING the International Vasa Previa Foundation, Inc. as a participating member!  Visit http://IVPF.org/contact/member.htm

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      Visit http://IVPF.org to learn about vasa previa. It only takes a moment to diagnose life...
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