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Annual Meeting Minutes 30 Jan 2006

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  • Cindy Paris
    International Vasa Previa Foundation, Inc. Annual Members Meeting 30 January 2006 IVPF 2005 Board of Directors Present: · Amy Brown Gaghagen, President
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2006
      International Vasa Previa Foundation, Inc.
      Annual Members Meeting

      30 January 2006


      IVPF 2005 Board of Directors Present:

      ·        Amy Brown Gaghagen, President

      ·        Debi Pederson, Vice President

      ·        Cynthia Balota Paris, Secretary

      ·        Victoria Goldstein, Treasurer

      ·        Phil Millard

      ·        Meredith Kirby

      ·        Karen Peters


      IVPF Participating Members Present:

      ·        Jeannette Schwartz, Assistant Secretary

      ·        Kristen Lewis


      Location:  5250 Murdoch Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri 63109, USA


      All present were confirmed by video webcam and/or telephone.  The President called the meeting to order at 16:00 GMT (10:00 AM CST).


      ·        Officer Reports

      ·        President’s address to members

      ·        Annual Secretary Report on vote for 2006 Directors

      ·        Annual Treasury Report

      ·        Membership Committee Report

      ·        Public Relations Committee Report

      ·        Research Committee Report

      ·        Fundraising Committee Report

      ·        Education Committee Report

      ·        Nominating Committee Report

      ·        Support Committee Report

      ·        Open questions from participating members


      Amy Brown Gaghagen made the following statement:  Greetings and welcome to the 5th Annual Members Meeting of the International Vasa Previa Foundation.


      President Report 2005:


      The International Vasa Previa Foundation, Inc. (IVPF) has remained active in raising vasa previa awareness in the general public as well as the medical community throughout 2005.  In fact, the IVPF has become known as an authority on vasa previa and physicians and patients alike have contacted the foundation regarding research and information.  As the foundation had an integral involvement in the study, "Vasa Previa: The Impact of Prenatal Diagnosis on Outcomes", The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (May 2004), this document proved essential for encouraging the awareness of both the IVPF and vasa previa. 


      The IVPF attended multiple medical conferences in 2005 and intends to continue attending these important types of events, with multiple conferences worldwide up for consideration in 2006.  The IVPF, along with Philips, sponsored the Fetal Medicine Foundation of America Meeting in December in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In addition, the foundation sponsored 2 hospital in-service events.


      Work in the IVPF committees has been impressive. IVPF members working through our committees continue to address local changes in a number of countries, and substantial momentum has been achieved by members in the UK. An assistant secretary has been acquired, proving to be a valuable asset to the foundation. It was notable that siblings of a vasa previa victim earned the IVPF Humanitarian Service Award for their school projects on vasa previa.  The foundation acquired the web addresses of IVPF.org and SophiesWalk.org.  As noted by president of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and a director of the AIUM, it appears as though the USA is well on its way to establishing national ultrasound standards for vasa previa, all thanks to the work done by the IVPF members.  People from over a dozen different countries have contacted the IVPF for vasa previa information, and the survival rate is 20% higher than when the IVPF was founded according to the research on our data.  We now have over 1000 contacts in our database.  The 3rd Annual Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa took place in August, and other private fundraisers were held throughout the year for the foundation.  The IVPF received a fair amount of local and international press for Sophie’s Walk.  Important awareness is generated by these events.  A major project still in development is an awareness mailing to hospitals in the USA, Canada, and the UK. This project is to be completed in 2006, with future plans to expand this project to other countries.

      The International Vasa Previa Foundation’s presence is becoming well known worldwide, and respect for this foundation is blossoming.  


      Dated:         30 January 2006

      Amy Brown Gaghagen


      Secretary Proxy Report:


      Accordingly registered by the IVPF Secretary, 56 of 92 written proxies were submitted in total by IVPF participating members.  Each nominee received 56 votes registering the election of Amy Brown Gaghagen, Debi Pederson, Cynthia Balota Paris, Victoria Patricia Goldstein, Karen Peters, Phil Millard, and Meredith Kirby to serve as IVPF Directors for the calendar year 2006. 


      Proxies returned to the IVPF Secretary constitute more than 61 percent of the IVPF participating membership, all of whom are entitled by the IVPF Bylaws to vote in this election.


      There being no other proxies submitted or votes registered for any other candidate, Amy Brown Gaghagen, Debi Pederson, Cynthia Balota Paris, Victoria Patricia Goldstein, Karen Peters, Phil Millard, and Meredith Kirby are hereby elected, in accordance with IVPF Bylaws, to serve as IVPF Directors for the year 2006 by an affirmative vote of more than 61% of the IVPF participating membership.


      Dated:         January 30, 2006

      So certified by:

      Cynthia Balota Paris, Secretary



      Treasury Report 2005:


      Total Income $31,280.21, Total Expense $17,336.36, Net Income $13,944.22


      The full IVPF 2005 Treasury report was contained in documentation IVPF Directors received before this meeting, is included at the end of these minutes, and may be obtained from the Secretary upon request.



      Membership Committee Report 2005:


      Participating Members:        Jan 2006:  92          Jan 2005:  79


      Email Group Subscribers: 

      IVPF (newsletter)  -  Jan 2006:  227       Jan 2005:  252     

      Vasa_Previa     -        Jan 2005:  198       Jan 2005:  179     


      A new member and research database is in development.  Data entry has begun. The Vasa Previa Chat Café was hacked and subsequently replaced with a new chat service. 

      The Vasa_Previa birthday calendar was accidentally deleted by a subscriber.  Measures have been taken to prevent this from happening again.  The calendar was rebuilt.


      Dated:         January 30, 2006
      Cynthia Balota Paris

      Membership Committee Chairperson



      Public Relations Committee Report 2005:


      ·        Documents produced:

      o       Additional materials for Sophie’s Walk 2005, including a comprehensive Sophie’s Walk Manual

      o       Revised IVPF bookmark (Risk, testing, management)

      ·        Coverage obtained:

      o       Various articles and information about Sophie’s Walk in websites and media in the USA, Central America, and the Netherlands.

      o       Prevention Magazine published an article on vasa previa in their January 2005 issue. 

      o       Pieces on Rebecca Prentice of Scotland were published in the “Scottish Daily Mirror”, “The Metro”, “The Dundee Courier”, and “The Daily Record”.  Rebecca also served as mascot for the Motherwell Football Club due to her vasa previa.

      ·        Events:

      o       Sophie’s Walk for Vasa Previa - on August 20-21st, the fourth birthday of VP angel Sophie Isabelle, Sophie’s Walk took place in 50 cities around the world raising almost $20,000.

      o       International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), September 2005, Vancouver, Canada

      o       Annual Conference of Nursing and Midwifery Council, Scotland, UK

      o       Friends of Missouri Midwives (FoMM) Vendor Expo, October 2005, St. Louis, MO, USA

      o       Fetal Medicine Foundation of America (FMFA) (co-sponsored by IVPF and Philips), December 2005, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

      o       IVPF has been invited to attend several other events scheduled for the coming year.


      Dated:  January 30, 2006

      Victoria Goldstein

      Public Relations Committee Chairperson



      Research Committee Report 2005:


      ·        Data was compiled from internet statistics on demographics of visitors to the IVPF website and questionnaire submissions.
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