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Fw: Cow’s milk offers remedy for HIV

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      Subject: Cow’s milk offers remedy for HIV

      Sub: Cow’s milk offers remedy for HIV—protect the cow.
      Even before we begin to read the article below, let’s know some truths about Cow.
      All good qualities attributed to holy cow are applicable only to Hindu cows (i.e. Desi Cows).
      Jersey cow is only a milk yielding animal like a buffallo, but not a “Go-Mata”
      Any crossbreed Desi cow is, as good as a Jersey cow.
      Only original Bharateeya cow can be considered as “Go-Mata” with all the qualities attributed it since ancient times.
      All Hindus should keep this in mind, before proceeding to act upon cow protection or before using cow products (Pancha Gavyam).
      Now please read the write-up below that I received through e-mail from a friend:-
      A recent experiment carried out on cows promises remedy for one of the most dreaded diseases-HIV. Scientists at the University of Melbourne, led by Marit Kramski, vaccinated a few pregnant cows with HIV protein and found that the first milk that the cows produced after delivery was found to contain high antibodies to protect the new born calves from the disease. The scientists are planning to turn the first milk, called bovine colostrum, into cream for human consumption after ascertaining its safety and effectiveness.
      The cow’s products known for their curative properties have been in extensive use in ancient Hindudesam for millennia; cow milk is recommended for infants to people of advanced age, including convalescents. Cow’s milk and milk products, if consumed with regular food, not only nourishes the body, but also are found to suberize one and turn him into a man of amiable disposition; they purify the mind that helps him attain a higher pitch of divine life, the very purpose of human life. Even the cow’s refuse (dung, urine etc.) is found to have medicinal properties; the cow dung is considered as one of the best variety of manure in agro industry; it enriches soil resulting into higher output, and the fumes from the fired cow dung is found to decontaminate the atmosphere in the neighbourhood. And the present findings are yet another use of the cow, of far greater importance.
      No wonder we consider cow as ‘Kamadhenuvu’, we worshipped it, adored it and protected it. However, with advent of European influence Ayurvedam was relegated to backseat and the importance of the cow was purposely abated; so much so the ailing cows are being sent to abattoirs.
      The Uttaradi Math has, among other institutions, taken a step to protect cows. His Holiness Sri Satyatmateertha Swami Vaaru, the young and compassionate pontiff of the Matham started Pramodatma Go Samrakshana Samstha, a centre for the protection of cows at a place known as Yalgur, near Vijapura (Karnataka) in 2006; His Holiness started it with just eight (8) cows and earnestly appealed to people not to leave old and ailing cows to their fate but to send them to the centre, and assigned the work of looking after them to a very dedicated person, Pandit Prasannacharya Katti, a resident of Vijapura near Yalgur, and under the benign care and protection of Pandit Prasanna Charyulu, the centre has grown into a major cow care centre with more than 100 cows most of them being old and ailing.
      Maintaining of such a large centre needs finance. The cows in the centre have passed milking age; the centre is not in a position to generate reasonable revenue on its own like other dairies; it has to depend upon donors. Vidwan Shri Vidya Sima Charyulu, Kulapati, Satyadhyana Vidyapeetham has, therefore, appealed to all Hindu bandhus to extend financial help to the centre; he expects every earning Hindu bandhu to contribute a minimum amount of Rs.1,000.00 to the centre. It would go a long way in protecting cows. Higher contributions are most welcome.
      Contributions may be sent to the Centre by money order, cheque, DD and On-line transfer. Money orders and cheques and DDs drawn in favour of Pramodatma Go Samrakshana Kendra, Uttaradi Math, Yalgur, may be sent to Pandit Prasanna Charyulu Katti, Plot No 22, Shanti Vira Nagara, Vijapura, and Pin Code No 568 101. Bank details are furnished hereunder for the convenience of those who intend pay on-line.
      Name of Savings Bank Account--Pramodatma Go Samrakshana Kendra, Uttaradi Math, Yalgur
      S B Account No-- 0847/220/27419
      Name of the Bank –Syndicate Bank
      IFS Code No.—SYNB 0000847.
      All Hindu bandhus are requested to furnish their full name and postal address to enable Pandit Prasanna Charyulu to send acknowledgement.
      Rama Chandra Tamana Charyulu Gutti.

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