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Re: [SUMADHWASEVA] Need to Change Our Attitude..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • raghavendra anand
    Sir There is no suprise in Sri Srihari s observation so to say.Not surprising either.As long as my memory goes (i am 50 now)in 1976-77 when i had been to
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      There is no suprise in Sri Srihari's observation so to say.Not surprising either.As long as my memory goes (i am 50 now)in 1976-77 when i had been to Malkehd for jayathirtharus Aradhana and Swamiji was present and dito of what srihari has described patiently happened and the same continues even now what with so much facilities and event management being the talk of the town.

      In fact i wish to state briefly that in this very forum ,some time ago i had mentioned that Angara & akshathe offering and taking by the devotees.i was taken to task by one good soul saying that it might be your experience,he himself is very much in the know of these things.

      Self discipline and showing of the powers that be can never be codified in the Madhwa community.


      On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:29:07 +0530 wrote

      Moderator's note : This mail from Sridhar Dhavale has been allowed to the group with an intention not to hurt any body's feeling. We from Sumadhwa Seva, request the members, if any present in such a functions, must help the voluntaries to serve the entire mass. Especially when there are more than 8000 people, it is not an easy job to maintain calm, but we, younger generation must assist the Management in forming the queue, serving the dishes, etc.,,,,

      Hare Shreenivasa,
      With a sad mood i am posting mail in this group. Yesterday 29/08/2010 Sunday i visited Savanur for Chaturmasya of Sri Sri 1008 Satyaatmateertha Sripadangalavaru and nearly 8,000 to 10,000 people on that day witnessed the Pooja. Despite of limited resources the chaturmasya comitee had tried there level best to arrange for everything fairly. I really appreciate the effort of  Chaturmasya comitee of Savanur and the people. My sadness is detailed below.

      1) Swamiji started paad pooja by 10.00 am and it was continued up to 1.00pm. Swamiji was sitting quitely and was allowing all the bhaktaru for Paad Pooja. There were limited number of volunteres and continuously they were shouting to come in Q. But nobody was listening. Everybody was hurrying up and they were falling on Swamiji. Is this shows we are very highly cultured people. At some point of stage Swamiji got angry a bit and they were telling "come calmly. everybody will get the opportunity to make Paad Pooja". But no body was ready to listen.

      2) By the 10.00 AM itself people in the bhojana shaale were reserving there seats for bhojana. Whether we had come there for lunch. We are forgetting the situation for what we had come and were fighting with other people for there seats.

      3) At bhojana shaale itself Swamiji gave the mudra. Volunteres were continuosly shouting the people reserved there seats to get up and make the line for mudra. But nobody was listening. And when swamiji started giving mudra everybody was rushing towards him.  Is this is the behaviour of highly cultured people.

      4) When the pooja started they have made an opportunity to all the public to view the pooja by T.V arranged here and there.. and also to go inside in the Q have a quick darshana and come back. Volunteres were continuouslly struggling to control the people but people standing in the Q were continuously shouting. Swamiji was performing the pooja but still also peoples were continuously shouting. Is this is the behaviour.

      5) And when bhojana started some people were sitting in the middle of the line and volunteres asked them to get up as they are in the middle and it will be inconvenient to serve the food there. Suddenly they started shouting on volunteres. Volunteres calmly were telling them " we will not let you people go upavasa. We will serve you food.Now please get up. Have prasada in Second round." But they were not listening and were continuously shouting. Then one aachaaryaru came there and calmed the situation. But the persons who were sitting in the middle made one condition and told the aachaaryaru that if they are arranging them on another side then only they will get up from the middle of the line. All the people who were shouting were all Learned !!!!!!!!!!!! peoples.

      By seeing all these incidents i got disappointed much. We ourselves say (assume) that we are highly qualified, highly educated peoples. We are greater than anybody or any other dharmas in the world. Is this is our education???????????

      So my intention of this mail is not to hurt anybodys feelings, only my intention is that we need to change. All other peoples say that Brahmins will only rush for bhojana. "They are good for nothing"  Learned people please enlighten us further these things should not happen. We need to sort out some rules to counter this type of attitude.

      RegardsSrihari Devale9916457517
      Swantro Sarva Vyaptavan Hari.

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