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02 DEC: Aradhane of Madhwa YatihgaLu & Sri Hari Dasaru

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  • Harish Rao
    Namaste All, Madhwa Yuva Parishat, the single largest Madhwa eGroup in India & beyond brings you the updates on the Aradhanes of our Madhwa YathigaLu and
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      Namaste All,


      Madhwa Yuva Parishat, the single largest Madhwa eGroup in India & beyond brings  you the updates on the Aradhanes of our Madhwa YathigaLu and Dasaru.


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      Aradhane Details:


      YathigaLuSri Raghunandana Theertharu
      Punya dinaKarthika Krishna Ashtami
      Mutt / ParampareSRS Mutt
      Pontiff #13
      PredecessorSri JitA Mitra Theertharu
      SuccessorSri Surendra Theertharu
      BrindavanaHampi (Chakra Theertha)
      RiverTunga bhadra
      Dhyana ShlokaparairapahruthA moolarAmArcha gurvanugrahAt |
      yEnAneetA namastsmai raghu nandana bhikshuve ||
      Summary1) Poorvashrama Name - Sri Ramachandra Acharya


      YathigaLuSri Sujanendra Theertharu
      Punya dinaKarthika Krishna Ashtami
      Mutt / ParampareSRS Mutt
      Pontiff #28
      PredecessorSri Subhodendra Theertharu
      SuccessorSri Sujnanedra Theertharu
      Dhyana Shlokasuyukti jAlasahitaM sujanAmOda kAriNaM |
      surOttama guruprakhyaM sujanendra guruM bhajE ||
      Summary1) Poorvashrama Name - Sri Jayaramacharya
      2) He was the junior pontiff for a long period, and with his exceptional Scholarly skills, has extensively travelled and spread our Siddhanta.
      3) His deeds had a great impression on Mysore Kings and they had donated large number of villages as gift to the Mutt.
      4) He was also responsible for the SRS Mutt Admin to be shifted and get the name as "Nanjangud Rayara Mutt"



      Additional Notes on Sri Sujanendra Theertharu

      (sent by Sri Raghavendra Ritti)


      1.He is the one, instrumental in brigining Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt to Nanajangud & it became the head qaurters of SRS Mutt. The story goes like this.


      He was given ashram by Sri Subhodendra Theertharu, during a very crucial time when was not feeling well at Bommagatti near Mantralayam, Sri Sujanendra Theertaru started taking care of his guru & all mutt activities.
      After his guru recoverd from the illness with Sri Digvijaya Rama & other mutt lanchans Sri sujanendra theertharu started for a sanchara & as well digvijay. After visiting several places he came to Nanjangud, Rudra devara Kshetra &  pure advaitha place during that time. He was staying in a chatram in the town & was serving sri rudra devaru, the local people & pandits
      were started teasing him as beeing madhwa yati serving rudra devaru.  At that instance, swamiji composed Narayana para artha to Sri Rudra Chamaka made all the adviathins to swollow there words.


      During his stay in the place Sri Trayambaka Shastri  a scholar & a digdanthi pundit  from Pune (During Peshwa regime ) visited Sri Mumadi Krishna raja wodeyar & invited his scholars for debate & made all the scholars of that time at Mysore samstanam to accept defeat. This  made the King worry about he samstana's esteem & respect. During such time one the pundit informed king about the YathigaLu residing in Nanajangud, so without any further
      thinking Maharaja with Trayambaka Shastri reached Nanjangud & requested swamiji to debate with Tryambaka Sastri. Then the debate went on vigorously for many days. It was looking that Sri Shastri was having the upper hand in the debate, one such time swamiji got a thought during his Ramadevara pooja so he requested to change the debate period from afternoon, immiditely sastri's debates started weakening & Sri Sujanendra Theertharu got a upperhand
      & defeated shastri in the debate. The King got very happy with the win & offerred swamiji a Navaratna kantihara, Sawamiji immidiately given that to Shastri & asked king to have shastri in his court . After that King asked Sujanendra theertha to reside in his place & given the chatram where swamiji was staying to SRS Mutt & also donated huge land adjacent to that to the
      mutt, He also granted various grama dana etc to Swamiji near Nanajangud.
      Later invited his Guru Sri Subhodendra Teertharu to Nanjangud from Mantralayam.  They did Sri Moolarama devara Pooja  at King's palace at Mysore. From that day onwards special respect to SRS Mutt was framed from the devastanam ( Sri Srikanteshwara  swamy) .

      Even today we can feel the glimpses of that win in the temple. After that SRS Mutt got a base at Nanjangud & successors of Sujanendra teertharu started preachings from there.


      2. He is regarded as Varunamsha sambhootharu & Amshavatara  of Sri Dheerendra Theertharu.


      3. He was also great grantha kartha. His main works are:
      a.Soujanendra pakshtavachedaka Vichara.
      b.Chandriak Bushanam
      d.Tatvodyota vyakartha vichara
      e.Narayana para vyakana to RudraChamaka.
      f.Manyu sooktha vyakyartha
      g.Sri Subhodendra stuti.


      4. He visited kashi kestra & had a series of vAkhyArtha with the pundits, upheld the madwa philosophy & got
      various awards / recognitions from them.


      5. Though he served the peeta independently for a very small time (one year) his achievements were remarkable in the Madhwa siddantha. Though we are seeing his achievemetns till today but many of his writings has not come into lights & are unknown.


      Incase you know of more informations about these yathigaLu / Dasaru, please do send them to me for updation of my records and further sharing.


      Some important days / events coming up in next few days:

      1. SarvEshAmEkAdashi                           - Dec 5

      2. Sri Padmanabha Theerthara Punya Dina - Dec 8 (MadhyArAdhane)

      Please check out the Aradhane Programs at Nava Brindavana and Narasimha Theertha (MBL)

      3. Champa Shashti / Skanda Shashti         - Dec 15

      4. Start of Dhanru Masa                          - Dec 17




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