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Urgent: APPEAL FROM SMSO SABHA. Thiruchanoor.

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  • Aditya Rao
    Namaskara, Please read the appeal below! Your support and contributions are highly appreciated! Hare Namah Regards Aditya Rao Ten - Rupee Daana Becomes Equal
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007

      Namaskara, Please read the appeal below! Your support and contributions are highly appreciated!

      Hare Namah
      Aditya Rao
         Ten - Rupee Daana Becomes Equal to Thousand - Rupee Dharma, when Offered At A Critical Moment —
      At the Most Critical Moment of Need
      Dear and Esteemed Srimathi and Sri
      Sriman Madhwa Siddhant-Onnahini Sabha (S.M.S.O.Sabha) at Tiruchanur, Tirupati, is known to you as a sacred Maadhwa Institution.
      S.M.S.O. Sabha is a Dharma Vriksha, planted 127 years ago by that Maha Purusha, Srimaan Kanchi Subba Rao. It has been growing well with the support of Dharmatmas of the earlier generations.
      Maadhwa families from various states have been visiting S.M.S.O. Sabha premises at Tiruchanur alround the year, finding it very useful / helpful for their different requirements.
      Now, in this 129th year of the Sabha, an emergency has come. It needs URGENT action by all of us. The emergency is this:-
      The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, through TTD, have issued Notice to the Sabha that they are going to broaden the Roads at Tiruchanur. For this, they demand a portion of the Sabha building. In effect, a portion of the Sabha Building would be demolished and the space would become the Roads on both sides of the Sabha building, i.e. in front of the Tank and also on the temple-side.
      After several appeals, an agreement has been reached with TTD. The Govt. / TTD will be quick in their action and, therefore, our action becomes very URGENT. We have to re-build a new S.M.S.O.Sabha building within a year.
      This new situation may be viewed as a God-Given opportunity to the Dharmatmas of this generation. It is a golden opportunity to extend a helping hand to re-build a Temple , a place to honour hundreds of Veda Brahmanas, an abode for highlighting God's Glories and a sacred place for Annadana in its purest method to hundreds of Pandits, their families and thousands of devout men, women and children.
      In every generation, there will always be Dharmatmas, by Divine Grace, and they are
      born with a natural urge to do their bit to protect, preserve and propagate Kula Dharma. It is only such Punyatmas have protected and promoted the growth of S.M.S.O.Sabha all these decades.
      The Sabha considers you as a worthy person to approach for help. Please consider. Almost every Maadhwa family has some connection or other with S.M.S.O.Sabha.
      May be, the elders in your own family were involved in the service to the Sabha in their days. Your Santatis will, one day, be inspired by the timely help you have now rendered to this great Institution, at a critical juncture.
      Please consider that you are helping to re-build a sacred premises just at the very feet of Lord Srinivasa and at the very Kshetra of Sri Padmavati. And its object is to protect, preserve and propagate our Kula Dharma as propounded by Acharya Sri Mahwa. Dharma protects those who protect it.
      Please think of it that a 130 year old Maadhwa Dharma-Sthaa- pana needs your help NOW at this critical moment to rebuild the Institution to continue its Dhaarmic activities. You are indeed a worthy person to approach at this hour of need.
      Hence the Sabha earnestly requests you to please consider the magnitude of the project and please extend your maximum possible. Donation of any amount (Yatha-shakti) will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged with a Receipt.
      The Estimate of the project is ONE Crore.
      Donations may be sent in the Name of S.M.S.O. Sabha, payable at Chennai.
      R. Ananthan
      Hony. Secretary, S.M.S.O. Sabha
      12, Amarjothi Gardens , Railway Feeder Road.,
      TIRUPUR 641 601  Cell : 0-9843078756

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