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'The Madhva Youth Festival' | 14Jun2015,Sunday | Platinum Jubilee Wo

Hi, The journey started on the Sunday, 20th November 2005 and now we are 75 workshops old. By God's Grace and blessings of Sri Acharyaru, 'Madhvacharya for the
Madhvacharya For The Youth Workshop
May 20

Re: Krishnanjana to UAE

Namaskargalu, Related to your query you can take the krishnajana small piece which covers the small box and cover with silk cloth. I took like this but it
May 6

MU-CIF Word and World philosophy summer school in Kerala - July 2015

Please click this link of the last year Summer School - *montage video 2014* . For more details, click here
Srini Manipal
May 6
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File - ITMS_MailingListPolicies

============================================ ITMS Mailing List Policies û Email Etiquette ============================================ Namaskara, We are
May 1

Reportage 2

Bhaktarige Vandanegalu, I tried to send the mail on 25th but the message says it is not delivered because of bigger size.  Therefore, I am sending them again
Apr 29
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Reportage Part 1

Bhaktarige Vandanegalu, Please find attached a reportage of Hari Vayu Stuti Punahucharane 6th Avrutii Mangala programme held on 11-04-2015 at Sri Prasanna
Apr 29

Re: [vishwamadhvasangha] HH Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji's ad

Namaskara, Indeed it is a proud moment to know that Putthige Swamiji, who has become torch bearer of not only our Madhwa community, but also the entire Hindu
krishna kumar
Apr 29

Re: Parihaara for Saade-Sathi.

Namaskaragalu. Sir, can you share the parihara for career, education etc for the benefit of all. Thank you sir. On 21-Apr-2015 2:32 pm, "bksrinath@...
K.H. Vasudhendra
Apr 29

Re: Krishnanjana to UAE

I dont know about krisnanjana but carrying poppyseeds is prohibited  & is treated as a drug in any Arab country. Regards On Saturday, April 25, 2015 11:17 AM,
Raghavendra Madinoor
Apr 29

Re: Krishnanjana to UAE

Dangerous to even do that in India, Checked with Uttaradi matha acharya s in mumbai, many people have been arrested for this, and were let off with great
Anupam Tripasuri
Apr 25

Krishnanjana to UAE

Hare Srinivasa, Can some one let me know if i can carry krishnanjana to UAE. I am supposed to travel for a project and i am trying to take my Saligrams with
rama krishna
Apr 24

Happy Akshyaya Tadige - May Lord Parashurama bless all of us to take

Hare Srinivasa  NamaskAra to all devotees. Best wishes of Akshyaya Tadige -  a very  auspicious day  for any satkarya.May Lord Parashurama bless all of us
Apr 21
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can any one let me know madhw old age home at bangalore and at hyder

  Namaskaragalu,can any one let me know madhw old age home at bangalore and at hyderabad?Regards,Murali Namaskaragalu, can any one let me know madhw old age
Murali Rao
Apr 21

Parihaara for Saade-Sathi.

Parihaara for Saade-Sathi. Most of the people who come to me for astrological consultancy, have a common complaint about the dreaded "saade sathi" ( the
Apr 21


Any mutt in Bhadrachalam.If yes,PLz send address and contact details Prasad V K 09986200569
Apr 3
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