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Re: Should human readablity determine ISO-8601 preference?

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  • piebaldconsult
    ... be ... No. Consumers get presented some other format. ... Of course. ... letters be ... No. And they re not anyway. ... time and ... Huh? I think uppercase
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2004
      > ISO-8601 is specified for B2B (computer-to-computer) but should it
      > improved for B2C (business to consumers)?

      No. Consumers get presented some other format.

      > 1. Does your software work correctly with small letters?

      Of course.

      > 2. If small letters make it more readable by humans, should small
      letters be
      > used?

      No. And they're not anyway.

      > 3. Time syntax is small letters so it is logical so that also the
      time and
      > UTC designators should be small letters.

      Huh? I think uppercase is preferred throughout.

      > Conclusion, should small letters be made the preference for time
      and UTC
      > designators because of readability and it is the more logical? ISO-
      8601 specifies
      > that computers should be programmed for both, although capital
      letters is the
      > preference.

      Output should be uppercase; on input both need to be handled properly.

      > PS I have just spent a month traveling the America west. In the
      last 30
      > years I have traveled the world for 3 to 6 weeks each year. Other
      places in the
      > planted earth have places as beautiful but not the miles and miles
      of the
      > America.

      I'm moving from dirty stinking L.A. to Phoenix next week.
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