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Re: A Thousand Users of ISO 8601

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  • Aron Roberts
    In the message A Thousand Users of ISO 8601 , dated 2002-12-19, ... *Whew*, that s a lot! One thing I noticed with Google is that among hits returned by a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2002
      In the message "A Thousand Users of ISO 8601", dated 2002-12-19,
      g1smd@... wrote:
      >I'm asking all 200 people here to find at least five each (preferably
      >ten), so that allowing for duplicates I hope to compile a page called
      >'A Thousand Users of the ISO 8601 Date Format'.

      And David.Menges@... replied:
      >Hi, I'm new here. I googled for "2002-12-10" and got about 162K hits. I
      >know, a cheap shot.

      *Whew*, that's a lot!

      One thing I noticed with Google is that among hits returned by a
      search on a specific YYYY-MM-DD date, whether or not enclosed in
      double quote marks, it returned many pages which use alternate
      punctuation for representing dates -- slashes, spaces, and colons,
      among these -- rather than hyphens/dashes. A good many dates on the
      pages returned were clearly not in YYYY-MM-DD format. One notable
      example returned when searching on "2002-10-10" was "12/10/2002
      10:10", where 2002 {space} 10 {:} 10 was the likely match found.

      The following are two sites using ISO 8601 formatted dates which
      may be of greater than normal significance, because of their
      prominence and their visibility specifically to developers and Web

      SourceForge.net, the world's largest Open Source
      software development website

      Apple Computer, Inc. - Software Downloads

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