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[ISO8601] How to Turn Off the YahooGroups Spam.

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  • g1smd@amsat.org
    [2002-Apr-02] ... I did this, and I found that my own settings were OK, but many other people have found that their settings have been reverted to those which
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002

      This was recently posted on another Yahoo Group:

      > I urge everyone to do the following in response to a mysterious
      > "change" in Yahoo!Groups that will unleash the spam flood gates:

      > "Go to My Groups and click on Account Info, verify your password
      > if it asks you to, and your Yahoo ID card comes up. Click on
      > 'Edit your Marketing Preferences' and change all those Yes's back
      > to No's! Click 'Save Changes.'"

      I did this, and I found that my own settings were OK, but many
      other people have found that their settings have been reverted
      to those which send junk mail.

      Go to <http://groups.yahoo.com/> and Log In with your Yahoo User
      Name and your Password, then go to the 'My Groups' option. You
      may have to verify your password for a second time. Some people
      will also get a request to verify their email address, which
      simply means that Yahoo will email you a special code, to the
      email address that you specified when you joined. You then have
      to enter that code on the web site. This will confirm to Yahoo
      that you do own, and have access to, that email address. When
      Yahoo sends out a Code, please note that it often takes at least
      ten minutes to arrive.

      I am assuming that you DO have a Yahoo Profile Name already
      activated. If you have joined this YahooGroup only by sending a
      'subscribe' email, then you may not yet have created a Yahoo
      Profile. If you do not have one, then you will need to make
      one of those first, allocate a password for it, then join your
      email address to it. Yahoo will email you a code that you have
      to type in to verify that it is you, before you can proceed.

      If you cannot log in because you have forgotten your password,
      then there is a method where Yahoo can email another verification
      code to you, and this will then let you back in to change your
      password to a new one. You will see that there are some links on
      the Login page for this, if it is needed.

      Having correctly logged in, you need to look at the very TOP
      line of the 'My Groups' page. Opposite the 'Yahoo' logo there
      are several links on the right hand side, at the very top of
      the page: 'Groups Home - Yahoo! - Account Info - Help'.

      Click on the 'Account Info' link. This will bring up your
      'Yahoo ID Card' and a load of settings.

      In the middle of the screen, just below 'Alternate email' and
      just above 'Time Zone', you will have one of two options, as

      If you have a clickable link that says:
      'Edit my Marketing Preferences'
      then you need to click on this and change all of the 'Yes' entries
      back to 'No', as appropriate.

      If you have a line that says:
      'Special Offers - Do Not Send Me Any Offers'
      then you do NOT need to take any further action.

      While you are online, you may wish to review and update all of the
      other settings and preferences that Yahoo provide.

      Do not forget to click on the 'Update', 'Done', or 'Finished'
      buttons to save all of the changes that you have just made!

      Here is an extract from a part of that page:

      Yahoo! Mail Address: Sign Up Now!
      Alternate Email 1: xxxxx@... (primary)
      Alternate Email 2: xxxxx@...
      --> Special Offers: Do not send me any offers <--
      Time Zone: +0
      Language & Content: English - United Kingdom
      Prompt for Password: Every Time

      If your screen is as per the extract above, then you are already
      set up to NOT receive marketing offers. If you have a 'Marketing
      Preferences' option in place of the 'Special Offers' line, then
      you DO need to take action.

      If anyone has any problems then please email me privately.
      Please do NOT post messages to the List, and please do NOT
      block-quote this entire message in your reply. Only quote
      the part(s) that you are asking about. Also, please only
      send 'Plain Text' email. Do NOT send HTML-Formatted email.







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