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MS-DOS 'COUNTRY' Settings (WAS: 'Re: Software application releases tagged with ISO 8601 dates').

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  • Ian Galpin
    On 2000-Jan-31 Jan Bostrom wrote( , ): [2000-Feb-01] ... I initially rejected COUNTRY=046 for this very reason. Many other 03x and 04x COUNTRY numbers
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2000
      On 2000-Jan-31 Jan Bostrom wrote(>>,>):


      > On 2000-01-29 Ian Galpin wrote:
      >> [Snip] As long as the statement 'COUNTRY=086' or
      >> 'COUNTRY=088' existed in the 'CONFIG.SYS' file, dates were displayed as
      >> YY-MM-DD in the DOS 'DIR' listings, in the 'DATE' command, and so on. These
      >> were country settings for Korea and Japan (I think), and I always used them
      >> in place of '044' which was supposedly the 'correct' one for the UK.
      >> Additionally, when using '086' or '088' all times were displayed in 24-hour
      >> format (rather than 12-hour am/pm).
      >> Microsoft have made some unfortunate changes since then. Nowadays, if you
      >> select these country options for the DOS that runs under Windows 95, you
      >> still get the dates in YY-MM-DD format, but the time is displayed in 12-hour
      >> am/pm format.

      > Try COUNTRY=046 instead. That's Sweden and you will get both YY-MM-DD
      > date format and 24 hour time format. The only thing I do not
      > understand is why it uses "." as a time separator when the Swedish
      > standard (which is identical to ISO 8601) prescribes a ":".

      I initially rejected 'COUNTRY=046' for this very reason. Many other '03x'
      and '04x' COUNTRY numbers also use YY MM DD, but also with 'unsuitable
      punctuation' such as YY.MM.DD or YY,MM,DD or HH,MM etc. Additionally,
      the rules seemed to change with each new release of DOS: 5.0, 6.0, 6.10,
      6.22, etc; the individual country settings changed every time a new version
      of DOS arrived. Microsoft haven't made a very good job of things. I would
      like to see an 'International' country added to the list, one which complies
      with the International Standards, rather than trying to use Regional
      Settings that are confusing, ambiguous, and not agreed by anyone. The
      available 'settings' for countries like '044' and '046' are merely those
      settings that Microsoft believe that users in each of those countries need.
      Perhaps we can convince them that the settings they have provided are NOT
      what we require?

      At least in the Control Panel (Regional Settings) of Windows 95/98 it is
      very easy to change the date format to 'yyyy-MM-dd' for the Short Format
      Date, and to 'yyyy MMM dd, ddd' for Long Format Date. Again, Microsoft ought
      to provide these options as standard in the drop-down list for each country,
      since everyone (except Microsoft it seems!) has now signed up to ISO 8601.
      However, you won't find Year-Month-Day options listed against most country
      options. Pity!

      Anyone know how LINUX handles these things? Apparently it's a doddle on all
      things Apple!







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