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[ISO8601] Re: Correction Link List PDF Files.

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  • g1smd@amsat.org
    On 2002-Jan-26 Gilbert Healton wrote( ): [2002-Jan-29] ... There are several sites with a page of links like this. They have varying degrees of usefulness.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29, 2002
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      On 2002-Jan-26 Gilbert Healton wrote(>):


      > The best site I have seen is
      > <http://www.astroclark.freeserve.co.uk/iso8601/index.htm>
      > which, strangely enough, does not have PDF files. But it
      > DOES have many active links to many PDF files. Best of all,
      > it has links to many (all?) versions of ISO 8601.

      There are several sites with a page of links like this. They
      have varying degrees of usefulness. These are all sites that
      have taken a copy of the links listed in the <pdf_links.htm>
      file that can be found in the File section of YahooGroups,
      and have incorporated it into their site. That file has been
      updated, nine times, with extra links over the last three or
      four months, or more. However, many other sites do not have
      the latest version. I don't know who has taken a copy of the
      file for their own site. The existance of the file has been
      mentioned on here several times, so there should be quite a
      few sites that have it, or parts of it.

      > I think this URL should be on the yahoo groups list under
      > "Other Lists To PDF files".

      There is no need. The file <pdf_links.htm> on YahooGroups
      is identical, as is the list in the 'Links to PDF Copies'
      section of the YahooGroups Bookmarks. The 'Files' section
      of YahooGroups only contains files.

      There are a whole lot of links in the 'Bookmarks' section.

      In fact the situation is:

      The folder at:
      has copies of all five known PDF files stored there for
      direct download, along with that <pdf_links.htm> file.

      In addition:
      has pointers to 40 copies of the PDF files, held on
      various different sites, including those stored on
      the YahooGroups site. There are also four links that
      no longer work, but which are being kept purely for
      historical reference.

      It has already been noticed that:
      also has the file <pdf_links.htm> which has pointers
      to the 40 known copies of the PDF files. This file is
      meant to be a code extract that people can include on
      their own web site, rather than a file that other sites
      link to. Some of the links in this file point directly
      back to the files stored in the ISO 8601 files area on

      contains links to several sites that also have the list
      of all 40 PDF files within them. These are sites which
      have already incororated a copy of the <pdf_links.htm>
      file on their own site. The 'AstroClark' site that you
      mention is also included in the list in this section.

      Several other sites listed in:
      then also have links back to those sites that are
      already listing all of the 40 PDF files, or have
      links back to the files at YahooGroups. There are
      also a few other sites that have direct links to a
      small number of the PDF files. Then there are a very
      few other sites listed, which also contain a local
      copy of some of the PDF files rather than having links
      to remote copies of the files.

      So, we have multiple interlinked copies of repetitive
      repeating recursion. Everyone should be able to find
      a copy of what they require even if most of the links
      eventually fail. The whole idea is absolutely not to
      store everything in one place, but instead to spread
      several copies across multiple sites, with copious
      amounts of inter-linking.







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