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RE: [ISO8601] Monica/Tex/Piebald - your thoughts on Global 2000 report

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  • Tex Texin
    Stephen, the subject is off-topic for this list. Please stop. I suggest others not reply to this on the list. Feel free to discuss elsewhere. Tex
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2006
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      Stephen, the subject is off-topic for this list.
      Please stop.
      I suggest others not reply to this on the list. Feel free to discuss

    • Stephen GOULD
      Monica/Tex/Piebald - appreciate that we would all prefer to keep Politics out of technical issues but we are receiving a lot of e-mails on the 22 Jan 2006 news
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 31, 2006
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        Monica/Tex/Piebald - appreciate that we would all prefer to keep Politics
        out of technical issues but we are receiving a lot of e-mails on the 22 Jan
        2006 news release about the President Carter GLOBAL 2000 Report and
        the revelations by George GREEN that it was a plan for Mass Genocide -
        see below

        IT Technical people will have been working on the Global SWIFT
        (Banking), RINET (Re-insurance) and Australian KAZ Global
        Superannuation Networks that was bought by Telstra last year

        These Global Networks have to rely on IT Technocrats for the
        move to the perpetual Money Machine

        Some of them like George may want to reveal their concerns

        Hence your support to find out what is happening on the technical
        implementations would be appreciated



        Stephen GOULD
        On behalf of concerned Management & IT Consultants

        Virginia - AWB, George GREEN & US Global 2000 Report

        Virginia - your radio interview with Bruce HAY today 09:15 Tue 31 Jan
        2006 over the Au$ 300,000,000 Australian Wheat Board Bribery Scandal
        in the UN Oil for Trade Iraq Sanction bust was deeply disturbing.

        A retired Australian Diplomat advocating that Australia has to resort
        to Bribery and Corruption if we want to trade to beat the US tactics !


        You cannot beat corruption so join it !

        We cannot accept this for the sake of future generations.

        Bruce stated that bi-lateral Free Trade Agreements will operate
        on the basis of Bribery & Corruption as separate deals will be
        negotiated for each country and commodity

        It does not have to be the case as the Banks can now track EVERY
        cent via the SWIFT Electronic Banking Network and know who makes
        every withdrawal yet they refuse to reveal where the money is sent.

        I am the spokesperson for a group of Management & IT consultants
        who have been tracking the developments in the Electronic Perpetual
        Money machine since 1987

        This e-mail is going out to 100,000 people because if we do not
        stop the US Neocon Strategy within the next 3 months it may
        be too late.

        George GREEN has decided to speak out and I am sure there are
        many others who have a troubled conscience and will also reveal
        what they know.

        The Strategy can be outflanked but we need your help to expose
        what is going particularly with Local Government

        Yours very sincerely

        Stephen GOULD
        On behalf of concerned Management & IT Consultants

        Tue 31 Jan 2006 REF:AAGACCN2

        Hi Aurore - The Electronic Technical groups are copied in to these
        emails because they are developing the electronic mechanisms so
        that the Insider Strategy for Electronic Market trading is implemented

        As you may be aware there are a number of e-mails circulating about
        the revelations of George GREEN former Finance Insider for President
        CARTER and the 1980 report "Global 2000 Report"

        > But besides the political talk, Green said he was privy to listening
        > to initial chatter about the infamous Armageddon plan called Global
        > Report 2000, a mass genocidal plan to drastically reduce to the world's
        > population, eventually endorsed as official U.S. policy during the Carter
        > administration.

        Ref e-mail Greg Szymanski 22 Jan 2006

        The Global Report 2000 was published by the Millennium Institute to
        warn President CARTER of how the inevitable Population Growth
        possibly to 12 Billion by the end of the 21 Century, resource demands
        by the affluent North and the current Economic Policies of the Market
        Mechanism could not sustain Human Population needs

        > Although efforts are being made to revise the UNSNA, [29] there is
        > strong resistance to change. Part of the resistance to change is
        > based on a strong faith that the greed and self-interest underlying the
        > market mechanism foresee all economic, resource, and environmental
        > problems, and that the market mechanism will steer the ship of state
        > safely through the rocks ahead.
        > The difficulty is that the market mechanism is so short-sighted that
        > it can scarcely see beyond the bridge and certainly not as far as the
        > rocks ahead.
        > The limited foresight provided by the market is a result of basing market
        > decisions on "present values." There are three difficulties with this
        > approach.
        > First, the market mechanism works only for those who have the money
        > necessary to be a part of the market. This is why, as far as the market
        > mechanism is concerned, countries of the South are not now and never
        > will be of a significant factor in world petroleum markets.
        Please read this Important report as it was the result of many years
        research and the work of many "Good People" deeply concerned
        about the Future for todays Children.

        The Intellectual and Religious contributions to this Report were
        significant and over 1,500,000 copies were sold in 8 languages

        Yet 25 years later the Australian Government has just published
        a tender calling proposals for funding "Market based Instruments [MBI]
        as a useful addition to Natural Resource Management tools"

        The Tender was published by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries
        and Forestry on 20 Jan 2006

        In Aug 2005 the Department of the Prime Minister issued a tender
        for a "National Water Trading Market"

        The 1980 Global 2000 Report warns of the problems of lack of water
        and oil based fertilisers for hybrid seeds yet now large Australian farms
        grow "White Gold" that consumes vast quantities of Water and
        imported Fertilisers/Pesticides (many farms spend over
        $ 1,000,000 EACH on fertilisers/Pesticides) to the severe disadvantage
        of neighbouring smaller farms

        This is to meet an economic Forecast of 38.5 Million bales of
        Cotton for China in 2006 !

        Why is it that Government Policies and the resultant Laws, regulations
        and Judicial Interpretations based on precedent continue to flout
        copious Scientific Evidence and simple Common Sense ?

        Germany and Japan had a new Constitutions based on the
        Westminster System of Government after the World War 2

        Iraq is now implementing a new Democratic form of Government
        whereby the Government can borrow money that can be repaid
        when collected from the people in the form of taxes.

        Is it because the elected Government Members of Parliament are
        forced to follow the mantra of the International Bankers imposed
        by the Constitution ?

        That mantra is dictated by a document "The Vindication of the British
        Constitution" that was originally written in London by Benjamin
        DISRAELI in 1844 under the direction of Baron ROTHSCHILD.

        It was DISRAELI who advised Queen Victoria to grant an Audience
        to Bah�'u'll�h of the Bahais in Iran in 1866 - the only European
        Monarch to grant him an audience - why ?

        It was DISRAELI who advised the Government to allow Karl MARX to
        live in London - why ? so that a Strategy using Legislation could be
        devised to outflank MARX's writings ?

        It was the ROTHSCHILDS that loaned Manchester Millowners
        BPS 20,000,000 in 1860 to donate to Abraham LINCOLNs Anti-Slavery
        cause so that ships could be build in Newcastle {UK} for the Union
        North so that LINCOLN could blockade the Southern Ports for 3 years
        to prevent raw cotton being shipped to Liverpool - why ? If you pay
        slaves does the price of goods go up so that more profit can be
        made from foreign currency transactions ?
        ref The Political Science of Economics

        It was DISRAELI who received BPS 4,00,000 from the ROTHSCHILDS
        in 1875 so Britain could buy the Suez Canel from France

        In 1876 it was DISRAELI who advised Queen VICTORIA to become
        Empress of India

        It was Queen VICTORIA who made DISRAELI the Earl of Beaconsfield
        so that he could permanently be in the House of Lords and "serve"
        in Parliament without having to be elected

        It is the ROTHSCHILDs that have advised Governments around the
        world on Privatisation
        ref Friends in High Places p 281

        It is the ROTHSCHILDS who opened up China for Trade in 1994
        Ref Banking Magazine 24 Feb 1994

        It is the ROTHSCHILDS who have, since 1919, held the Permanent
        chair of the Committee that sets the price of Gold twice-a-day at
        the ROTHSCHILD London Headquarters Smith New Court

        Now as "The Gold Market" sets new records for Gold perhaps it is
        time for the Public to understand how the Markets really work and
        the markets are only there to make fees for the traders.

        How can it be a Gold Market when the price is set by a Committee
        twice-a-day ?????

        In these new Market Based Instruments [MBI] for Natural Resource
        Management who is going to set the price or is it going to be based
        on the costs incurred setting up and running a market ?

        EG in Australia many local councils now have to bid for electricity
        every 30 minutes for electricity for Public Lights, Park BBQs and
        Traffic Lights.

        These bids are carried out electronically in terms that a message
        is sent asking if the Council wants to bid - a message every 30 minutes
        with a response soon builds up fees.

        Particularly when it includes other Local Government services like
        1 Water,
        2 Wastewater,
        3 Gas and
        4 all electronic parking meters to see what credit cards have been
        registered that day

        Is this the new "Information Economy" ?


        Stephen GOULD
        On behalf of Concerned Management & IT Consultants
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        > Subject: Your mailing list
        > Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 12:09:12 +0100
        > From: aurore
        > To: Stephen GOULD
        > Dear Stephen,
        > For some time now, and for reasons unknown, we have mysteriously been
        > included to your mailing lists.
        > We continued receiving your correspondence. Finally after running
        > several web searches we believe we are better placed to understand your
        > perspective. At this point I would like to comment that we find the
        > information circulated to be of high relevance, very courageous and timely.
        > Thank you for your committment to protecting civil liberties and
        > transparency on the Internet.
        > Kind regards,
        > Aurore
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