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Volunteers for XML.com article on ISO 8601?

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  • Aron Roberts
    XML is rapidly becoming of the hottest things since sliced bread (in this USA resident s vernacular). For instance, Microsoft is basing its next generation
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      XML is rapidly becoming of the 'hottest things since sliced bread'
      (in this USA resident's vernacular). For instance, Microsoft is
      basing its next generation Internet strategy on a set of technologies
      with XML at their core.

      Many XML standards also make reference to ISO 8601 date and time
      formats. As such, XML currently represents perhaps the most most
      promising avenue through which ISO 8601 formats might become widely
      used worldwide on a day-to-day basis for storage, programming, and
      display of dates and times, as opposed to merely being formally
      adopted by standards bodies.

      I recently wrote to the editors of O'Reilly's widely-visited XML
      portal Web site, XML.com <URL:http://www.xml.com/>, asking whether
      they might be interested in publishing an introductory article on ISO
      8601 for the XML community:

      > Would you be open to the idea of publishing an article, on XML.com
      >or in another appropriate O'Reilly online publication, on ISO 8601,
      >the International time and date standard which seems to often be
      >incorporated these days into various XML-related standards? As just
      >one example, the XML Schema candidate recommendation uses ISO
      >8601-style dates and times for its date-related datatypes.
      > If so, I'll ask around on eGroups' ISO 8601-related list, in which
      >I'm a participant, to see if anyone there might be interested in
      >preparing an article draft for XML.com. There are several long-time
      >advocates of this standard who might be interested in introducing
      >this standard and describing the benefits of its use to the large
      >and rapidly growing XML community.

      Today, XML.com's editor, Edd Dumbill, replied:

      >Yes, I'd definitely be interested in an article on ISO 8601. An
      >abstract would be a good starting point.

      So ... would you be interested in volunteering to write (or
      collaborate on the writing of) this abstract, then an article?

      I'd be pleased to hand off this endeavor to anyone who wishes to
      shepherd it to completion, but would also be very willing to help
      coordinate and/or co-author. In other words, I'd like to see this
      happen and am offering time and effort to help ensure that it does.

      Best wishes,

      Aron Roberts Workstation Software Support Group . 221 Evans Hall
      University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3808 USA
      aron@... . +1 510-642-5974 . fax 510-643-5385
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