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941RE: [ISO8601] And on a lighter note

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  • explorecraft
    Aug 31, 2004
      Perhaps I should clarify - the dates were like this at school:
      Go figure.
      I should get a lively response shortly,
      schools and teachers do not normally like being corrected.
      (We are talking about kindergarden 4-year olds here
       up until last night my daughter thought the next day was 32-08-2004 :^)
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               That is a nice letter. However, it's actually MM/DD/YYYY that's used in only a few places in the world (off the top of my head, they are: USA, Canada (in words only), Panama, Phillippines (sp?), wherever Swahili is spoken, and maybe one or two other places in the world). It's DD/MM/YYYY that appears to be used a whole lot in our world today.
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