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882RE: [ISO8601] Spring Forward, happy campers

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  • John M. Steele
    Apr 2, 2004
      The Iranians use their own calendar which keeps the spring equinox on the same day. It is synchronized to the Gregorian calendar plus or minus one day. They switch on either March 21 or 22 (Gregorian) in the spring and Sep 21 or 22 in the fall, according to the tz data file (human readable) that is used to generate time zone support for Unix. Their date is not tied to a Sunday although it could happen to fall on a Sunday.
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      At 2004-04-02 23:43 (UTC+0000), you wrote:
      >Last Sunday, the EU, Eastern European countries, Russia, former USSR
      >satellites, and Australia (in reverse) all switched. That leaves a
      >handful of Middle Eastern nations and another handful of Southern
      >Hemisphere nations who have their own unique dates and times.

      Iran switches forward around this time (either last Sunday or this upcoming
      Sunday) because I know they switch back in the end of September...

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