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881RE: [ISO8601] Spring Forward, happy campers

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  • Morris, Mike
    Apr 2, 2004
      > Well, China covers a greater area of latitude and they don't
      > do DST/Summer
      > Time either. It doesn't really have to do with the latitude
      > of the country
      > in question. I think Alaska and Antarctica don't do DST
      > either; and they
      > are at the parts of the world that would be most affected by
      > DST. Correct
      > me if I'm wrong.

      You're probably right, I'm certainly not familiar with those specifics (I'm
      no expert on time in general, I'm just a "lurker" here :-)

      I really didn't intend to start any serious debate on the issue... I just
      wanted to point out that things are often more complex than they seem and
      cultural issues often play a bigger factor than they're given credit for.

      And, lastly, whenever it seems like everyone else is crazy and I'm the only
      one that's thinking straight about an issue, I generally take some time to
      re-examine my position... often I'm ignorant of a key principle, or blinded
      by some preconception, etc.

      Anyway, I do envy you your full night's sleep tomorrow :-)
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