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877RE: [ISO8601] Spring Forward, happy campers

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  • Morris, Mike
    Apr 2, 2004
      I'm not particularly a fan of daylight savings either, but in fairness, I'd
      like to point out that:
      * Taiwan is at only 25 degrees N latitude, where summer/winter shifts
      are minimal. Taiwan is also small enough that it doesn't have extreme
      differences internally, which makes consistency possible and more attractive
      * Calling it noon when the sun is overhead isn't an undisputable fact,
      it's merely a social convention.

      Now, HTML emails... THERE'S a problem!!!

      All of the above leaves me feel happy that I live in
      a place where a more common sense prevails. Taiwan is not trying fix social
      habits by messing around with the time pieces.
      The Taiwanese are naturally nocturnal species, but
      they learned to read the clock that is supposed to reflect the science of
      astronomy and the rotation of the earth.
      They also learned to accept the undisputable fact
      that noon is when the sun is on its zenith, or midnight is when the sun is
      on the nadir of the local geography.
      Anyone who chooses to get up late at in the morning
      can do so without lying about the time of the day.
      I wonder if some wags out there are thinking about
      changing the movement of the solar system to accommodate human habits.
      B., Andrew
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