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845Re: decimal and thousand separator (was weekends)

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  • johnmsteele
    Mar 4, 2004
      --- In ISO8601@yahoogroups.com, Peter Haas <mailinglists@p...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Unfortunately. There is the ISO 31-0 since about 30 years: Decimal
      > separator is comma (preferred) or point, thousand separator is
      > This rule is valid for ISO 8601 times as well (part of seconds).
      > Bye Peter.

      Peter, excellent clarification. The same is written into the
      International System of Units (SI) which defines the metric system.

      So far as I know, all English speaking countries use the decimal
      point (.) and the rest of the world uses comma (,) as the decimal
      separator. Thousands separator usage of these characters (reversed)
      seems to only be common in financials now.
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