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837weekends (was Re: DayLight Savings Time Changes)

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  • johnmsteele
    Mar 2 8:16 PM
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      --- In ISO8601@yahoogroups.com, NGUYEN Adam <adam917@s...> wrote:
      > > A question I have: Outside the US, does the computer
      > follow US conventions? If so, why? In a metric(SI)-only country,
      would you
      > expect to see a '17 inch' monitor or a '43 cm' one?

      Actually, the electronics industry (and a lot of other US industries)
      are "secretly metric" and translate metric units into English units
      as required for US market. They buy parts overseas, or they sell the
      same product overseas, and can't be bothered with English units.
      (Although you'd be hard pressed to find a computer monitor assembled
      in the US)
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