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835weekends (was Re: DayLight Savings Time Changes)

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  • johnmsteele
    Mar 2, 2004
      --- In ISO8601@yahoogroups.com, Tex Texin <tex@x> wrote:
      > Lets move on, we are all saying that "it varies".

      Absolutely. To ISO8601 and data interchange, this only matters IF one
      is using the week-date representation, for date code, material
      logistics scheduling, etc. No one really uses this in ordinary
      converstaion. IF you use week codes, then Monday is encoded by the
      number "1," or you are not 8601 compliant, just as, to an electrical
      engineer, the number "1" in a resistor value is encoded by a brown
      stripe. Its the code, there is no cultural significance. Either
      comply or be non-compliant. Compliance is voluntary, but resistance
      is futile.

      Any discussion of whether one draws a monthly or annual wall calendar
      with Sunday on the right or left of the rest of the week belongs in
      the "WWDATES" group. I don't see that 8601 cares, because it is about
      computer files exchanging data, not wall calendars.
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