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73Another example of pig-headedness

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  • Steve Adams
    Sep 2, 2000
      I work for a large American I.T. company. I recently submitted a
      suggestion to use ISO8601 for all dates on my company's globally
      accessible documents. Here is the (extensively snipped and names
      changed) request and the reply :

      Brief Description: Change all dates and time to ISO Standards
      Other Description of Change: A suggestion about the dates and times
      on the xxx pages and templates.

      As the name suggests this is a Global set of standards so I think a
      globally standard date and time representation should be used when
      noting changes to the documents and when the pages were last updated.

      >>> snipped, but has the usual stuff about confusing formats...

      Here is the reply:

      Bill Clinton 08/04/2000 9:35:09
      The current templates use day/Month/year with the Month spelled out.
      If we stay will all numbers, it is very confusing. When the date
      field is an input field then we will need to make allowances for
      different standards around the globe.

      And here is a comment from one of my colleagues ......
      > Steve,
      > I see they made the decision to reject (8th April 2000) before you
      > submitted the request!!!!!!!!!
      > And your approach is confusing!!!!
      > A colleague

      So there you go!!