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51ROC year used in Taiwan

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  • Yifan Ji
    Apr 4, 2000
      In Taiwan, there is an ROC ordinal year system counting from 1912
      as the 1st year of the Republic of China (ROC)(foundation). Now it is
      89th ROC year. This system can be found on the websites in Taiwan and
      is officially used there, but I, as a citizen from there, strongly
      discourage its use because:

      (1)It can conflict with 2-digit common-era (CE, the same as AD, but I
      prefer CE) year, e.g. on the bottom of English page of Taiwanese
      Legislative Yuan at http://www.ly.gov.tw/lyeng.htm
      88/05/01 which could mean 88th ROC year (1999) or 1988. It cause 11-
      year difference and is confusing. It requires wasteful conversion
      back and forth (Gregorian calendar months & days are already in use

      (2)It is too political. Most nations no longer formally recognize the
      ROC governing Taiwan. Instead, they now recognize the People's
      Republic of China (PRC) as the only legitimate Chinese government and
      Taiwan is part of China (which would mean the PRC, and the preword of
      the PRC Constitution claims Taiwan). Therefore, it serve no good
      purpose except to highlight how long the ROC has existed. Some
      democratic activists oppose its use because foundation of the ROC in
      1912 was an old history.

      Nowadays, even more and more Taiwanese use CE year alone without
      even using ROC year in parenthesis, such as 2000 alone rather than
      2000 (89th ROC year). I think the ROC year should be abandoned in
      favor of CE year (some others have similar proposal as well). But
      before the ROC year is officially abandoned, everyone visiting
      Taiwanese websites would still face mix-up of CE & ROC years. The
      best solution is to use 4-digit ISO-compliant CE year.


      Mr Yifan Ji

      PS Caution: Some Chinese & Taiwanese websites show mm/dd/yyyy order
      for dates. I do not understand why they do so. It is not only
      confusing but also a non-sense there geographically.
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