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461Re: [ISO8601] Settings in e-mail headers

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  • Fred Bone
    Jun 5, 2002
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      Han Maenen said:

      > I may have found a way to eliminate mm-dd-yyyy and AM/PM times from the
      > headers of e-mails. Although my computer was set to ISO 8601, my e-mail
      > headers were in English and used the US format .

      Which headers are you referring to?

      The Date: header is standardised, and must be in the form
      [Weekday,] dd Mmm yyyy hh:mm[:ss] timezone
      since it's intended to be "read" by programs (mail transfer agents
      and mail user agents) and not by people: your mail client should
      reinterpret it when displaying the relevant information to you. It
      does not contain mm-dd-yyyy date or AM/PM time.

      The Received: headers are not withing your control at all, because
      they're created by the various mail agents that handle the message on
      its way between systems. However, they should be using the same form
      of date as the Date: header (though failure to do so is less likely
      to cause problems).

      I can't think of any other (standard) headers that would usually
      contain dates.
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