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235ISO 8601 implementation in Taiwan

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  • jusjih@yahoo.com
    Oct 12, 2001
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      CNS 7648 is the standard in Taiwan concerning representation
      of dates and times, issued on 1981-07-20, amended on 1992-10-24, 15
      pages, in Chinese but no English. Though I cannot confirm it when
      searching http://www.cnsppa.com.tw (Chinese only), I believe it is
      the implementation of the ISO 8601 in Taiwan. To view the standard at
      that site require some payment.

      CNS means Chinese National Standard. However, it is so called Chinese
      rather than Taiwanese because Taiwan has been "illegally" occupied by
      the Republic of China (ROC) for more than 50 years (See also Taiwan
      Nation at http://www.taiwannation.com.tw/english.htm for reasons why
      Taiwan is not meant to be part of to China). Even worse, the ROC has
      its own year number in wide use, starting in 1912 as the 1st year. So
      the year 1999 was the 88th ROC year. It could cause 11-year
      difference when mixing 2-digit common era years and the ROC year,
      such as 99 versus 88. I, as a United States (US) postal clerk, have
      seen a letter from the US to Taiwan and then returned with a "local"
      date like 90.6.12 (90th ROC year, 2001 June 12) and another "British"
      date like 11.6.01 (11 June 2001).

      J JIH