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2168Re: Date format for BC

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  • johnmsteele
    May 13, 2008
      Well, at the time the guy with club didn't know he was supposed to
      count backwards. However ISO does define the date format for prior to
      current era. The format does differ from what is commonly used in
      the field of history, so you need to decide if you want to use. It
      differs two ways.

      *The year field uses negative years (and year zero), with a minus
      sign and leading zeroes to pad to four digits, 0000 is 1BC, -0001 is
      2 BC etc. This convention is also used in astronomy.

      *The date is required to be in the Gregorian calendar (which wasn't
      invented and used until 1582). Most "history" works use an
      extrapolated Julian calendar.

      It is easy enough to convert, but I don't know if many people use ISO
      date format for this period. I would expect you would have to explain

      --- In ISO8601@yahoogroups.com, "nilamberbiswal" <nilamberbiswal@...>
      > What is the date format for BC ?
      > nilambar biswal.
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