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2164Re: If this has been fixed, I haven't herd about it.

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  • piebaldconsult
    Aug 24 5:09 PM
      > With ISO 8601 implemented correctly by locally competent authorities,

      (So tempted... so tempted...)

      > for ANY spot in the world the time difference between local time and
      > UTC is known at ANY moment, all discontinuities in local time scale
      > accounted for. Thus, Z and GPS data combined, it should be simple to
      > show correct actual local time there and then.

      I think my point may have been that you can't go directly from GPS-to-
      offset, you'll need some sort of lookup table (which must be kept
      updated) of GPS-to-region because time zone lines wander and such.

      > (If very rare "black spots" where ISO 8601 might not be implemented
      > correctly might still exist, of course there only Z is applicable.)

      Right, I understand Antarctic stations use Z or something (their
      national offset?), but I could be very wrong.
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