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  • tex
    Jul 6, 2007

      Actually, it is foolish to think we can’t improve.

      The fact that there are differences and irregularities just makes the job harder, not necessarily impossible.

      And the current syntax (P) does not do the entire job that is needed.


      Yes, it does take a long time to change, and sometimes it doesn’t take at all (consider the metric system in the US ). On the other hand, some impossible tasks, such as the cataloging and categorization of all characters used in writing systems throughout the world, does make very good on its mission and is accepted, albeit over a 15 year period (Unicode).


      I am still hopeful that we will all use stardates (from Star Trek) some day.






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      It's foolish to think that REAL improvement ever might be possible as
      long as differences and/or irregularities in our (or any) date/time
      tracking systems will exist. Simply think about different calendars
      (Gregorian, Hebrew, Chinese etc.), different time zones, Easter date,
      different numbers of days in months in general and leap days/seconds
      in particular, etc.
      So why bother about improvement of existing formulas? Already using
      P, what's available now does the job, doesn't it? Any changes would
      be only cosmetic.

      But you made a very big point about synchronization of all hardware
      systems that use time. Problem is that the long known and for sure
      best solution probably will not be implemented in our lifetime! Do
      you realize how long it took to implement the ISO 8601 notation?
      (Alexander Graham Bell used that already in the 1880's! And still,
      what notation do you read now in the header of this message?)

      It would be nice if every watch, computer, cell phone, electric oven,
      car or whatever hardware, internally as well as for interchange only
      would use a Universal Atomic Second Number (kind of UTC measured in
      seconds) being transmitted continuously, and would give it's user the
      opportunity to make it convert that to any calendar of his own choice
      and show that on the display, using GPS to calculate correct Z .....

      THAT would really ease things up and facilitate simple formulas!
      And would completely skip your challenge for new Babbages or Newtons !


      --- In ISO8601@yahoogroups .com, hjwoudenberg@ ... wrote:

      > The challenge, be the first to:
      > · Develop formulas for all the holidays.
      > · Develop a formula to convert calendar date to ordinal
      date and
      > back.
      > · Devlope a formual to convert calendar ate to week date
      and back.
      > · Develop improvements to event algebra formulas.

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