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  • hjwoudenberg@aol.com
    Jun 21, 2007
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      Time Event Algebraic Notation


      The ISO-8601 duration “PnYnMndTnHnMnS” is a brilliant start to time event algebra.


      The challenge, be the first to:

      ·          Develop formulas for all the holidays.

      ·          Develop a formula to convert calendar date to ordinal date and back.

      ·          Devlope a formual to convert calendar ate to week date and back.

      ·          Develop improvements to event algebra formulas.


      I will program the parsing of the formula to prove them correct!

      Use the following expanded formuals as explained in this article and invent other symbols:

      ±P±nY±nM±nDT±nH±nM±nS±nF            date/time arithmetic

      ±P±nY±nW±nDT±nH±nM±nS±nF     week of year arithmetic

      =P=nY=nM=nDT=nH=nM=nS=nF     set calendar date/time

      =P=nY=nW=nDT=nH=nM=nS=nF set week of years date/time


      Maybe you might become a Babbage or Newton, but probable something less.


      The problem, scheduling software, appointment software, other software, cell phone, PDAs and even watches need a universal method of expressing past and future events.  Past dates require retentions times after the date for update or delete, and future dates require reminder times before the date for notification.   A Web based program should be able to auto-synchronize a server master list with client computer software, the cell phone and a computer or cell phone should be able to synchronize a watch.  The modern electronic age needs a universal standard language to provide descriptions of events (holidays, birthdays, meeting …etc) and that provide for retention and notification in a systematic way.        


      See what's free at AOL.com.
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