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2108Re: [ISO8601] Are these problems relevant to ISO-8601

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  • hjwoudenberg@aol.com
    Mar 2, 2007
      In a message dated 3/2/2007 2:56:15 A.M. Central Standard Time, tex@... writes:
      Interesting. I didn't see either product mentioned in the mail.
      I believe:
          ISO-8601 will become popular when software makes it is easy to use.
          ISO-8601 requires range and precision specifications.
          IEE-754 was an instant success it had details on range and precision.
          IEE-874 total failure and had not details on range and precision.
          IEE-754-r, every language is rushing to support it.  It provides detail missing rom IEE-874
      Supported by

      Standardization is important. 

      A program or a database is ISO-8601 compliant if the date/time is:
























      Do you see no problem with this?


      There should be a standard!

      Eliminate the problem of Big “T” and little “t”

      Eliminate the problem of a comma “,” or a stop “.”

      Eliminate slow parsing, fixed format.














      Fractions of seconds can be any size, it is terminated by a “Z” “+” “-“ or a blank.






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