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2048Re: ISO-8601 Time and UTC precision questions

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  • piebaldconsult
    Nov 14, 2006
      No one else wants to jump in?

      >> 3. And 12:34:45 (+01:30) + THH+HH:MM = T12+01:30 -- is OK

      > What would 12:34:56 (+01:30) + THH+HH:MM =

      That's example number 3.

      > I understand this example to say the the time offset must match the
      > precision but not the time. Is that what others understand?

      How about, "The format for the offset-from-UTC must have at least
      enough precision to accurately represent the offset-from-UTC value to
      be respresented, regardless of the format used for time-of-day"?

      It seems you are still thinking of the precisions of time-of-day and
      offset-from-UTC as connected somehow, they are not.
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