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2046Re: ISO-8601 Time and UTC precision questions

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  • piebaldconsult
    Nov 7, 2006
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      >> I still don't see what your concern is.

      > Help! Can someone explain?

      Huh, no else stepped up, I'll try again...

      If the partners in interchange agree that they don't need the seconds
      (or minutes) then it doesn't matter what the seconds (or minutes)
      value is, it gets omitted regardless:

      So 12:34:56 + THH:MM = T12:34 -- it doesn't matter that the omitted
      value is 56 (and not 00), the partners agreed to omit the seconds.

      And as mentioned before, the time-of-day is separate from offset-from-

      So 12:34:56 (EST) + THH:MM+HH:MM = T12:34-05:00
      And 12:34:56 (EST) + THH+HH:MM = T12-05:00

      In ISO 8601:2004 [], the statement:

      The minutes time element of the difference may only be omitted if the
      difference between the time scales is exactly an integral number of

      doesn't apply to the time-of-day. What it means, is that if the
      offset for the local time is not a whole number of hours, e.g. if it
      is +01:30, then you are not allowed to omit the minutes part of the

      So 12:34:45 (+01:00) + THH+HH:MM = T12+01:00 -- is OK
      And 12:34:45 (+01:00) + THH+HH = T12+01 -- is OK
      And 12:34:45 (+01:30) + THH+HH:MM = T12+01:30 -- is OK
      But 12:34:56 (+01:30) + THH+HH = T12+01 -- is _not_ OK
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