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2044Re: ISO-8601 Time and UTC precision questions

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  • piebaldconsult
    Nov 2 7:46 PM
      > Are these errors?
      > > If time is 12:30 and syntax is hh
      > > If UTC is +04:30 and syntax is ±00
      > If the precision of the value is greater than of the syntax, is it
      an errror?
      > All examples (except if underline ?)require the precision of the
      syntax and
      > the value to be the same.
      > Common situations:
      > If hh:mm:ss and time value is 12:30
      > or hh:mm and time value is 12:30:00
      > how does one handle it?

      I still don't see what your concern is. The partners in interchange
      mutually agree to use a particular format, it could be
      or one of many others. Then the values are formatted as required.

      If HH:MM is agreed upon and one of the partners uses HH:MM:SS instead
      (even if the :SS part is :00), that's an error and the receiving
      partner should throw the data back.

      Is that what you mean?
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