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2Toward 2000

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  • steve@xxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx
    Dec 10, 1999
      As the next century rapidly approaches I have sensed a new desire of many
      people and organisations to use an unambiguous date format. From various
      emails I have received and article on the Net I think the realisation that
      we will be having date formats like 03/02/01 soon has woken people up to the
      problem that has been around for many years.
      What sort of areas would you consider to be the most efficient to target
      regarding the adoption of ISO8601? Since I follow space mission closely,
      I have sent many emails to NASA and JPL asking them to standardise all their
      dates on ISO8601 and their times on UT, but their attitude seems to be "those
      foreign standards don't apply to us". Similar for the US Navy. Does anyone
      know of contacts in these organisations which might listen?

      May I be the first to wish all ONElist ISO8601 subscribers a Merry Saturnali or
      Christmas, depending on your beliefs. Let's hope next year is a good one for

      Steve Adams
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