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1833Re: Wow, no posts for a long time

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  • piebaldconsult
    Sep 18 12:32 PM
      > > > [d] A Note to the definition of "duration" says that leap seconds
      > > > must be "accounted" for in the length of epoch intervals.

      Which section of which version? I don't see that verbiage.

      Section 2.1.6 in version :2004 has

      NOTE 1 In the case of discontinuites in the time scale, such as a leap
      second or the change from winter time to summer time and back, the
      computation of the duration requires the subtraction or addition of the
      change of duration of the discontinuity.

      Although that seems pretty clearly to support your question, I could
      still argue that it doesn't, that it's not clear, and that I can twist
      it to my own devious ends.

      Given 23:55:00 and adding PT10M for most nights will result in
      00:05:00, but on a leap-second night we have to consider the
      possibility that the result is 00:04:59, yes?

      I, for one, don't want that result, so I'll add the "duration of the
      discontinuity" of the leap second as required, yielding the value I
      _do_ want (00:05:00) even though there may be some who'd argue that
      that's wrong. I can certainly see their point, but I'm still going to
      do whatever a darn well please, it won't matter in most applications.
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