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147Re: Standard form for a perod of time

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  • bobneifert@yahoo.com
    Feb 2, 2001
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      Yes, 2001-02-03T20/24 is equivalent to 2001-02-03T20/2001-02-03T24,
      and to 2001-02-03T20/2001-02-04T00.

      But what about 2001-02-03T20/00? According to section 5.5.4 of
      ISO8601:1988(E), the free PDF file, this expression is equivalent only
      to 2001-02-03T20/2001-02-03T00.

      The T is not necessary in "/24" because it is truncated along with the
      2001-02-03. 2001-02-03T20/04T00 requires a T in both parts to separate
      the days from the hours.

      --- In ISO8601@y..., "o-Dzin Tridral" <Tridral@B...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > I would like to know whether the folowing means
      > 8pm-midnight on the 3rd February 2001 :
      > 2001-02-03T20/24
      > The part I'm not sure about is the /24. Should this be /T24 or is
      > 24 sufficient?
      > I've looked at the standard (1988 copy). It mentions that you can
      > leave out parts of the date in a time period, but it's not explicit
      > what to do with the time portion.
      > Many thanks.
      > 'o-Dzin
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