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1418Re: Dates-Timezones & eBusiness

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  • piebaldconsult
    Jan 7, 2006
      > If I buy a ticket with a particular departure time and the conversion
      > change after purchase, but the local time for departure under the new
      > zone law doesn't change, storing as UTC will make the time incorrect,

      The departure time printed on the ticket, not being subject to data
      interchange (between computers), is likely to be in local time. This is
      true of both departure and arrival time currently, as I'm sure you're

      When things change, things change, there's no getting around it. Trying
      to pretend that it _didn't_ change simply because the effective
      departure time _appears_ the same is incorrect. You'd darn well better
      inform all your ticket holders about the change so they can plan
      accordingly, they are likely to have connections outside the affected
      locale and the arrival time at the destination will change as well.
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