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1388RE: [ISO8601] do you have the exact ISO-8601 specification.

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  • John Bogie
    Sep 28, 2005
      I'm in the UK and, for me, time isn't an everyday factor - just date.
      I use ISO-8601 format and most people just think I'm weird.
      I try to use computer sorting as a "sales aid" but it's pretty much a waste
      of time. :-(

      John B

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      I really wonder about it as well.I'm an American (M/d/yy h:mm AM/PM
      still in largest use here), and many people here that I know see no
      point in changing their backward system to YYYY MM DD AM/PM HH:mm
      (AM/PM before time, use zero instead of 12 for AM/PM first hour, makes
      most sense, as used in Japan, China, & Korea sometimes) at the bare
      minimum, let alone 24-h time, SI/metric, always using international
      notation for phone numbers, using ISO 3166 geographical codes, and
      using ISO 4217 (currency codes) along side it...

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