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1366Re: Fraction of days, ISO-8601 2005

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  • Ŭalabio‽
    Sep 14, 2005
      2005-09-13T06:40:39Z, <Hjwoudenberg@...>:

      > When I round trip a date and time to fraction of days, the round
      > trip is only approximate the same.

      Rounding errors always occur.

      > Most of my times convert to repeating decimal fractions of days.
      > Therefore when they are convert back to hours, minutes, seconds the
      > time is only approximately the same, especially if the time has
      > fractions of seconds.

      Thus is life.

      > Does anyone have a trick to avoid this problem?

      To get secondaccuracy, you need at least six significant figures in
      the decimal portion when converting to days (day.123,456). It will
      never be a perfect round trip. If you want millisecondaccuracy, you
      will need at least 9 significant figures past the decimal

      > hjw

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