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1359DST (my last off topic post)

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  • pyster
    Aug 1 6:45 AM
      My last off topic posting…

      NGUYEN Ivy Wrote: There's someone on this forum who thinks way
      otherwise. If you awaken and sleep at the same (absolute) time daily
      for years on end, you can easily get used to that, and suddenly
      throwing in a missed hour can be a problem.

      Pyster Responded: Humans are incredibly adaptable creatures. Those who
      have serious issues adapting to time adjustments are the minority.

      piebaldconsult Wrote: Do you know of any other laws (or whatever)
      that require people to conserve resources?

      Pyster Responded: Force Flush Toilets. NO FLUSH TOILETS in places like
      Arizona. Water Bans. Forced Recycling. EPA/Environmental laws.
      Building insulation requirements. Hotwater efficiency ratings.
      Fuel/Emmisions laws, Energy Star Compliance, Etc... In some
      socialist/communist countries, they have stringent energy consumption

      piebaldconsult Wrote: That the government has no place deciding for
      the people how they should conserve resources, especially when the
      plan they choose is the least likely to work.

      Pyster Responded: The purpose of government is to provide a frame work
      in which it's ppl thrive and ascend. Regulating how resources are used
      falls into this category.

      piebaldconsult Wrote: That adjusting our workday an hour earlier in
      the summer does not conserve significant resources <SNIP>

      Pyster Responded: If this is true, this is the only valid argument
      that can be offered. But you, and other anti-DST zealots, have failed
      to find evidence that DST #1 does not offer energy savings. #2
      consumes more energy. Studies are flawed, yes, but they are all we
      have in the end, aren't they.

      piebaldconsult Wrote: Let each individual decide for himself what
      plan works best for him.

      Pyster Responded: Not to sound corny, but the needs of the many out
      weigh the needs of the few. The `few' wanted slaves. The `few' don't
      mind pouring mercury into the sky/seas. The majority is not always
      right, but it is the needs of the majority that governing bodies must
      consider most while trying to balance individual freedoms. Energy
      conservation for the masses –vs- sleep schedules of the few? Come on.

      piebaldconsult Wrote: (Always assuming that DST does indeed
      significantly conserve resources in our wasteful society (and getting
      moreso everyday), the U.S. I mean, no offense to the wiser cultures
      around the world.)

      Pyster Responded: 77 other countries embrace the concept of DST. Are
      you speaking of some of the wiser countries that do not embrace DST
      that still use mercury and sulfuric acid to pan for precious metals
      and dump that right into their water table?

      "B. Andrew" Wrote: At a risk of being scolded for being Off Topic, I
      need to stress that anything deviating, rather than working toward an
      acceptable world standard, is a futile exercise. Hence the purpose of
      ISO 8601 and a number of other world standards we seem to accept and

      Pyster Responded: ISO 8601 supports time adjustments based on
      UTC/Zulu/REAL TIME and therefore has no issues with DST.
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