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1269Re: [ISO8601] Just read Oracle has NEXT_DAY and LAST_DAY functions

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  • Fred Bone
    Mar 1, 2005
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      piebaldconsult said:

      > I'll mention again an interval I came up with a few months back:
      > P1W/-W-7T01:00
      > which (unless I mistyped it) is valid ISO8601.
      > By which I mean: "once a week, on Sunday, at 01:00", but can be
      > interpreted in other ways as well.

      Let's see: This is case 5.5.1(d) and consists of two components, a
      duration and an end:
      "P1W" means a period of one week
      "-W-7T01:00" means Sunday of an unspecified (implied) week at 01:00, UTC
      by default.

      So this is a period of a week, ending at 0100 on some Sunday which the
      communicating parties can identify from other information.

      How do you get any other interpretation (let alone multiple ones)?
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