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1235Re: [ISO8601] Re: meaning of time-interval

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  • NGUYEN Adam
    Feb 4, 2005
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      There's a +1300 (+1200 in DST) too. ;-) That timezone problem
      could be solved by converting both times to UTC.

      About Chinese (?; I thought Korean was like this), the question of
      how old someone is can be ambiguous in that respect, if you take that into
      consideration. Would asking someone's date of birth be as ambiguous?

      At 2005-02-02 15:08 (UTC-0800), you wrote:
      >If that someone is Chinese, (I think) they are considered to be already
      >one year old since counting of birthdays considers the starting point to
      >be the time of conception. (More or less.)
      >The question is further complicated by the fact that you didn't specify
      >the timezone the person was born in. Ignoring leap days, if someone is
      >born on 2002-02-02 in time zone -1200
      >and someone else is born on 2002-02-02 in time zone +1200, were they
      >born on the same day or not?
      >They could be more than 24 hours apart depending on the exact time of
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