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1234Re: [ISO8601] Re: meaning of time-interval

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  • Tex Texin
    Feb 2, 2005
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      Harry Shipley wrote:
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      > * Subject: Re: [ISO8601] Re: meaning of time-interval
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      > * If someone was born on 2004-02-29 when is their first birthday? You
      > * might say 2005-03-01 or 2005-02-28. Does that mean that they have the
      > * same birthday as someone born on 2004-03-01 or 2004-02-28?

      If that someone is Chinese, (I think) they are considered to be already
      one year old since counting of birthdays considers the starting point to
      be the time of conception. (More or less.)

      The question is further complicated by the fact that you didn't specify
      the timezone the person was born in. Ignoring leap days, if someone is
      born on 2002-02-02 in time zone -1200
      and someone else is born on 2002-02-02 in time zone +1200, were they
      born on the same day or not?

      They could be more than 24 hours apart depending on the exact time of
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