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1227Re: [ISO8601] Re: meaning of time-interval

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  • John Steele
    Feb 1, 2005
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      But certain combinations using duration DO result in invalid start or end times. Do we just not speak of them (you aren't allowed to use "duration" in those cases) or do we have normalization rules? I think normalization rules make more sense, but some cases, either of two values may seem "reasonable." They can either be agreed by the partners or standardized within the scope of the standard. I think it would be better to have proposed normalization rules in the standard "unless otherwise agreed by the partners."

      Pete Forman <pete.forman@...> wrote:

      IMHO the intent of time-intervals involving duration in ISO 8601 is
      that the start + duration or end - duration should (must?) be a valid
      date-time without having to apply any normalization rules.
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