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1026RE: [ISO8601] ISO 8601 -- 1000

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  • ivy19991231@softhome.net
    Nov 4, 2004
      You mean some people used something like 31/12-1999 and spoke
      'thirty-first of December, one thousand and ninty-nine'?

      At 2004-11-04 09:13 (UTC+0100), you wrote:
      >Yes, and that was safe back then since we always had the most significant
      >figure first and least significant figure last when we used the format
      >YYMMDD or YY-MM-DD. Some people used (and still uses) DD/MM[-[CC]YY]
      >(spoken as "DD in MM[, [CC]YY]") in person-to-person communication, but
      >rarely in any documents of any real importance.
      >Kind regards,
      >Ted Lyngmo
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