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1021Re: ISO 8601 -- 1000

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  • piebaldconsult
    Nov 4, 2004
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      Well the problem is that most people don't have separate modes for
      writing and speaking. Many teachers even encourage students to "write
      the way you speak". I think we should all strive to write _better_
      than we speak.
      As relates to this list, I would not insist on saying, "It's 11:59",
      I'd say "It's noon". Likewise I would say, "It's the fourth of
      November" or "It's November fourth", leaving off the year. But when
      writing, I would use an ISO8601 format.

      Also, writing _better_ than you speak includes the use of a spell-
      checker and reading what you wrote several times to look for error.
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