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1018RE: [ISO8601] ISO 8601 -- 1000

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  • Lyngmo Ted
    Nov 3, 2004
      > Yes. I've heard some Swedish people say that they actually prefer
      > DD/MM/YYYY because the majority of Europe uses it.
      > What sense is there in that?

      There's not much sense in that. I'm not even sure that it's true that the majority of Europe uses it. I've never heard any Swedish person wanting to use that format, but on the other hand, I rarely discuss date formats with people I meet. :-)

      For some obscure reason, the government department in charge of deciding what information that needs to be present on food packages in Sweden decided to NOT use the ISO date format on the best before label. How crazy is that when our official date formats are all ISO? I think they get a kick out of confusing people... *sigh*

      > Stay away from truncated-year formats like YY-MM-DD, YYMMDD,
      > YY MMM DD, as the day and year can be mixed up.

      That's true nowadays. Some 10-15 years back, it would have been safe to use those formats in Sweden. Maybe because of YY being > 31 back then. :-)

      Kind regards,
      Ted Lyngmo
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