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1008RE: [ISO8601] ISO 8601 -- 1000

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  • Lyngmo Ted
    Nov 3, 2004
      Ian wrote:
      > I see ISO 8601 mentioned in so many places now.
      > Back in 1995 people would not listen to the arguments.
      > Today, many will; but there are still too many that will not.

      And in some parts of the world, the evolution is going backwards. In Sweden we've used CCYY-MM-DD, CCYYMMDD, YY-MM-DD and YYMMDD a very long time. Those are the official formats here, but when you buy food today, you can't be sure how to interpret the best before date. Very annoying. :-(

      Kind regards,
      Ted Lyngmo

      Does anyone here have any experience with AIXs strftime() function? I don't think it conforms to neither ISO C99 (ISO/IEC 9899:1999), POSIX.2-1992 nor ISO 8601:1988.

      AIX 5L Version 5.3:

      %V Represents the week number of the year (with Monday
      as the first day of the week) as a decimal number
      (01 to 53). If the week containing January 1 has
      four or more days in the new year, then it is
      considered week 1; otherwise, it is considered week
      53 of the previous year, and the next week is week 1
      of the new year.

      2000-01-01 is therefor reported as week 53 and not week 52. This is wrong, isn't it?
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