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1150Re: [IRAQHistory] An Amazing Iraq History Project

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  • Richard Sullivan
    Jul 25 1:01 PM
      Thank you so much, Walaa.  Excellent points.

      I didn't think I would need to respond after my earlier email reply to May, but
      thank you for bringing the link below to our attention.  I hope others would 
      provide answers to your questions.  Indeed, there is a strong possibility that 
      this history project was initiated after our's for the reasons
      you mentioned.

      I googled the name Ms. Kurdistan Daloye.  Here is what I found:

      An event with lunch at the same university that produced the history project
      She is considered an expert -:):)

      You may find this other "important pdf" document interesting with her name 
      mentioned as part of a women leadership workshop, which includes president Talabany's

      Here is a funny piece of news about her winning a Range Rover Evoque
      and the advertising gimmick by the Kurdish agency:  http://www.landroveriraq.com/news.aspx?ne=18
      and here we see her standing with her husband and child.

      There is more on line about her.

      Again, thank you for taking the time and energy to expose this history project and helping
      May in her appreciated efforts to keep this group going

      This is it for me until the end of the summer.

      Best Wishes to All for the Upcoming Eidul Fitr,

      From: W. Ali <WMS_Al@...>
      To: "iraqhistory@yahoogroups.com" <iraqhistory@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 11:47 AM
      Subject: [IRAQHistory] An Amazing Iraq History Project

      Dear May:

      After I read your note, I googled the term "Iraq History Group" and found
      that ours at the moment is the only one available in English.  But found also
      an amazing Iraq history project, which is a great example for why Wafaa
      avoided to cover the period under former president Saddam Hussein.  Either 
      he is glorified by his loyalists and those who think of him as the greatest leader
      ever and call him a martyr or he is been severely attacked and discredited by the 
      propagandists of the west, the Zionists and the Iraqi opposition.  The latter option 
      is seen in this so-called history project:


      Notice how they make it look significant and credible:

      1. The document is published in pdf format and by a university body.
      2. They begin the documentation with a Qur'anic verse!
      3. Each person's first name is placed on an entire page alone. 
      4. It begins with a table of content and a preface too!
      5. Concluding the document with the producer's name being
      "International Human Rights Law Institute", which gives it importance,
      as it sounds like an international body or a UN related body.

      Please note the following important matters when you read the preface and some
      of the testimonies:

      1. The director of the project is a Jew, Daniel Rothenberg -:) in line with some 
      of Husayn's recent remarks.

      2. The project began in late 2005, which means shortly after our group was launched, 
      and knowing how Wafaa has been severely challenged by Christian evangelists, 
      the Iraqi Syriac/Chaldean Christians and Jewish Zionists, I have no doubts that it 
      was initiated to "balance" our group, to say the least.  This is also evident by the sudden
      influx of strangers' interests in joining our group between 2005 and early 2008 for the 
      sake of monitoring and/or to challenge Wafaa.

      3. They don't provide real persons with full names for those narrating the testimonies, 
      and most probably justify it by them being scared even in 2005 and after the fall of 
      the Baathists.

      4. The mention of Ms. Kurdistan Daloye!!  Who is she?, and the mention
      of the Iraq history staff without providing their names.

      5. The content of majority of the testimonies by the individuals, with first names
      only exposed, gives the indication that only the Kurds and Arab Shiites were
      being tortured in line with the propaganda of the war on Iraq since 1991 and especially
      in 2003, which is the same propaganda about Iraq housing Al-Qaeda and owning WMD.

      6. After typing the above, I called Wafaa and we both discussed this history project,
      she added two interesting points regarding the Tikriti accent mentioned in the testimonies,
      which seemed humorous to her because not only Tikritis speak that accent, actually
      many in the middle of Iraq share this accent, so why they singled the Tikritis?  Just
      to hint that they came from the same town of Saddam?  The other point was in reference
      to this sentence in the preface "For example, women are interviewed by other women, Kurds 
      by other Kurds, Assyrians by other Assyrians, Marsh Arabs by Marsh Arabs, etc. "  She
      argued how they chose certain vocabulary especially intended to fit their agenda.  Here hinting
      the Kurds and especially Marsh Arabs!  Not any Arabs, but the Marsh Arabs who are
      Shiites and who they suffered the so-called drying of the Marshes, another exaggerated
      incident in documenting this era. 

      Walaa Ali

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