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Vedic Rituals concerning Death & After (incl Sati)

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    Dear Moderator Here are some passages from Yallajeeyam ( Dharmasastra concerning BrahmaMedha (Death and Afterwards) Codified by Yalla Bhatta)(The book was a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2005
      Dear Moderator
      Here are some passages from 'Yallajeeyam' ('Dharmasastra concerning
      BrahmaMedha'(Death and Afterwards) Codified by Yalla Bhatta)(The book
      was a 1992 reprint in Telugu from Machilipatnam) :

      1.In order to enable the departed soul of the father reach its
      intended destination(s), his son and others should bathe and worship
      the Brahmins before making the 'dasa-daana'( ten gifts /presents):

      Destination Gift
      1.Heaven(Swargaloka) Cow+Land +Gold
      2.Apsarasa-loka Maid-servants(daasi-daanam)
      3.Reduction in Sins Sesame seeds
      4.Pleasures of Indra-loka&
      Swarga -loka Bed/Mattress
      5 Heaven (Swarga-phalam) Ghee/Clarified Butter
      6.Moon (Chandraloka) Cloth
      7.Heaven(Swargaloka nimittam) Grains
      8.Indraloka Pleasures Bedstead with Mattress

      2 When a devout wife commits (sati)saha-gamana following her husband's
      death, she gains
      30050000 (30.05 million)years of heaven-time for herself as well as
      her husband.
      One who commits sati saves her husband from the vilest of sins he
      might have commited.
      Only the Pativrata can commit sati.exceptions are: The pregnant
      woman, the suckling mother,
      woman of loose morals.
      A Pativrata Woman of any varna can commit sati.
      She should take a bath and clean herself.Separate 'mantras' need not
      not be recited.The 'samskara ' being performed for the husband is
      sufficient for her.
      The procedure for Brahmamedha is the same as that laid out for
      Pitr-medha. However, after performing the homa with the
      'pareyuvaagamsa'-mantra,complete the ten homas beginning with
      'brahmana-eka hota' , say "bhartaasarbhriyamaanah",consult with the
      say 'iyam-naari'(here is your woman), say 'sayaneendrasya'(here she
      lies down -beside you).
      The widow should be laid next to her dead husband(she is called the
      say 'suvarnaam gharmam devasyatvaa'and place the vessel made of gold
      on her two hands, say 'suvarnamgharmam' and place it on her face, say
      'brahmendramagnim' -on her eyes, say 'satamniyutah' -the ears,
      'suvarnamkosham'- the right nostril, 'indroraajah'- the left nostril,
      say the sentences beginning 'agniryajurrbhih'and place all the gold
      vessels on all parts of her body.All other remain vessels of gold
      should be placed on the pyre... say "mainamagne jyotishateebhih" and
      set the pyre on fire.
      conclude with 'sooryamtechakshuh','ajobhagah asahota' pour clarified
      butter 'Yaetasya 'prayasaayaswaahaa' pour more oil, follow the
      mantras:'praketunaa harigim harantam','asmanwateeh'-'apyaayasya' jump
      the pits,'dwayam tamasaspari taranirviswa' for the sun to settle,
      bathe after saying-'dhaatutustwa'.The rest of the procedure is as per
      'pitr-medha'-rituals .
      Where does one find a more decent translation of above Death-and After
      Vedic Rituals (that incl Sati )
      Until next time
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